Monday, December 19, 2011

@&#%(Not Really)

Is there a reason WHY there is so much cussing in the movies? And even on TV shows? Errrrrggg. I do it occasionally, but really, calling someone a bitch won't help the situation. It'll probably just make them and you more mad. In my opinion, this is a habit we NEED to break.

Kardashian Knock

My first blog in totally annoying trends! My first totally annoying trend is the Kardashians. They dress like trash and have NO respect. And then what does O.P.I. give them? Kardashian Kolors. Totally cute shades named after totally trashy people. Not fun. And I love Nicole by O.P.I. But this? Too far. go to OMG by Yahoo and search Kardashian. If you find the Christmas card, red the article, look at the picture, and comment on this post to tell me what you think.